Storage Systems


aentron provides scalable lithium-ion battery packs for energy storage solutions and system’s integrators from 4kWh up to 200 kWh applications. The aentron stationary ON/OFF battery systems are modular and scalable to your needs. Our Home Storage systems are designed for voltages of 24 V DC and 48 V DC. Higher voltages up to 900 V are possible on request. Contact



  • Become completely independent from external energy supplies
  • Avoiding spiralling diesel generation costs
  • Power for remote homes
  • Back-up power supply during power outages
  • Emergency power generation after national disasters
  • Peak shaving
  • Time–of-use energy savings
  • Backup power for critical loads
  • Renewable energy integration options
  • Residential and community storage


We provide storage solutions that cater for your power consumption needs:


Residential Storage allows a more balanced consumption of renewable energy sources and provides back-up power during emergencies or power outages. Our stationary storage solutions allow the economies of scale of smaller power units in the form of distributed storage systems for peak load management, power quality, and grid reliability.


OFF-Grid applications in combination with renewable energy sources for islands, OFF-Grid communities and remote industries.


Mobile solar generators capture the sun’s energy via solar panels, store that energy in a battery, and release it through an inverter to be used for standard AC power. That is the standard definition of a solar generator. A solar generator allows one to get off the grid for true energy independence.

The outdoor, leisure, construction, mining and agricultural sectors need portable, robust, and reliable power supplies.

The aentron ASG1000 solar generator unit is composed of three basic parts: solar panel with integrated solar charger, AC/DC inverter and a lithium-ion battery. The panel is what draws in the sun’s energy and then distributes it to the battery to be used at a later point.



  • backup during power outages
  • disaster / emergency power supply
  • provide lighting (LED)
  • outdoor power tools and equipment
  • caravans / camping / outdoor
  • operate security equipment
  • run medical devices
  • on a boat
  • run a computer
  • Military 




  • silent to operate in noise sensitive areas
  • zero emissions
  • no heat signature
  • no mechanical moving parts
  • zero servicing and maintenance
  • significantly lower operational costs
  • no lead acid battery leakages or spillages
  • excellent shelf life when switched off (>5 yrs)
  • fast charging capability
  • IP66 tightness (power washer resistant)