The term E-Mobility covers more than E-Cars. Electrically powered vehicles can encompass numerous configurations and types:


  • special electric powered vehicles
  • communal electric vehicles
  • electric cargo road vehicles
  • refrigerated electric vans
  • construction vehicles
  • agricultural vehicles
  • ambulance vehicles
  • military vehicles


aentron Road-Ready Lithium-ion Battery System:
Environmental awareness and fuel economy have set out new challenges for road vehicles or all sizes and types. Fuel efficiency as zero emissions can be achieved by adapting the innovative aentron lithium-ion battery system as either full electric or hybrid systems.


Efficiency and Emissions:
The aentron mobile battery systems are modular and scalable to your needs. Our systems are designed for voltages of 12 V DC to 900 V DC with capacities from greater than 2 kWh to 200 kWh. The aentron battery systems are ready for the road – IEC 61508 SIL 2  and / or ISO 26262 ASIL C compliant.

Example – E-Refrigeration:

  • Cooling Trucks require on average 15 kW energy to cool a container from +20 °C to –20 °C and c.a. 3 kW is required to maintain the temperature
  • Cooling is conducted by an onboard diesel generator On average the cooling compressor has a noise level of >90 dB and produces c.a. 1.356 kg CO2 per Month.
  • A typical system operates 300 days per yr. 24/7 and the diesel generator consumes 4 L Diesel @ 1.20 €pro L per hour costing c.a. 34.500 € per year per truck


Benefit to customer using aentron battery product:

  • Vehicle Start-Stop Active
  • Silent mode in built-up areas (electric)
  • Zero emissions in inner-city
  • Night delivery (no running engine)
  • Higher reliability/ redundancy minimum1 hr
  • Lower operational fuel costs > 8.000 € per year
  • Lower engine stress / reduced service cycle
  • Reduces ambient noise from 90 dB to >10 dB