Industry Batteries

Industry Batteries for for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Mobile Electric Machines and Mobile Workplaces:

The construction, mining and agricultural sectors, companies need robust and efficient machines.

A mobile machine can be defined as any machine, item of transportable industrial equipment, or vehicle – with or without bodywork – that is:

  • not intended for carrying passengers
  • not intended for goods on the road
  • hydraulically actuated articulated frame
  • hydraulically actuated articulated steering
  • compression ignition diesel engine
  • an electric driven Motor


aentron Solution:

aentron provides tough batteries solutions for rugged environments. The aentron battery systems can cope with dust, dirt, extreme water conditions and mechanical loads. aentron batteries show their superiority with their high energy density robust design, thanks to our flexible modular system of energy management as well power configuration.

The aentron mobile battery systems are modular and scalable to your needs. Our systems are designed for voltages of 12 V, 24 V, 48 V to 900 V DC with capacities from greater than 2 kWh to 200 kWh. The battery systems are IEC 61508 SIL 2 compliant.


  • quieter to operate in noise sensitive areas
  • cleaner – little or no oil – potentially zero emissions vehicles
  • little or no mechanical / hydraulic moving parts
  • enhanced reliability / less servicing
  • electric power systems have significantly better diagnostic potential
  • significantly lower operational costs
  • electric power-trains allow fine control and enhanced functionality
  • electric power systems are ideal for continuous Operation


Efficiency and Emissions:

Environmental awareness and fuel economy have set out new challenges for Mobile Machines.

Fuel efficiency of the Mobile Machine can be increased by using the innovative aentron battery system as either full electric or hybrid systems in conjunction with hydraulic systems together with intelligent control.

Stricter environmental requirements. Excess utilisation of control units within in each working machine. In the past few years the vehicle wiring harness has grown tremendously and actuators, sensors and electronic control units have become interconnected.


Power Supply Economy

A transition to electric drive-trains ensures superior fuel economy and near zero emissions. Furthermore, electric drive-systems permit operation in previously excluded environments.

By means of optimizing the use of power supply components the effects to fuel economy and emissions are obvious.

Conventional systems are giving way to simpler but advanced electric powered components and systems.