E-Mobility Battery Solutions

Power and safety on the asphalt

Today, the term e-mobility covers more than just electric cars. A wide range of vehicles – from construction vehicles to municipal transport vehicles and refrigerated trucks to military vehicles – are now powered by environmentally friendly energy from batteries. The certified and tested quality of the aentron batteries is ideally suited for reliable use in road traffic and meets the high requirements for robustness – even off the road.

aentron Li-Ion battery system

Environmental awareness and fuel management present new challenges for vehicles. The fuel efficiency of mobility solutions can be increased by using aentron’s innovative battery systems, either all-electric or hybrid in combination with hydraulic systems and intelligent control.


The electrification of vehicles and the conversion from internal combustion engines to electric motors have enormous advantages. Thanks to the fast charging function, the high energy density and the associated higher range, aentron’s modularly scalable battery solutions are ideal for mobile applications. They meet the highest safety standards and offer significant savings potential in the area of total costs of ownership.

Efficiency & Emission

Electric vehicles are increasingly making their way onto our roads and into the mobility concepts of companies, especially with regard to long-term climate targets. With aentron technology, vehicles can use electrical energy to reduce diesel dependence, noise levels, and CO2 emissions during operation.