Industry Battery Solutions

Robust and reliable around the clock

Companies in the construction, mining and agricultural sectors rely on robust and high-performance machinery. Reliability, efficiency and maximum energy even under difficult operating conditions are particularly important in the use of industrial equipment without mains power supply. With our battery systems, industrial robots, unmanned transport systems or mobile machines run high-performance and fail-safe.

aentron E-Industry Brochure

aentron Li-Ion battery system

aentron creates robust battery solutions that deliver high performance even in harsh environments. Our battery systems withstand dust, dirt, extreme weather conditions and mechanical loads and are therefore perfectly equipped for industrial use. Thanks to its high energy density, robust design and flexible modular system, aentron is a technological pioneer in the field of industrial applications.


The use of our battery systems in the industrial environment significantly reduces emissions in many areas. With aentron battery technology, industrial companies can use electrical energy to reduce diesel dependence, noise levels, and CO2 emissions during operation. Low maintenance and operating costs have a positive impact on total costs of ownership and enable significant savings potential.

Efficiency & Emission

Environmental awareness and fuel management present new challenges for mobile machines. The fuel efficiency of mobile machines can be increased by using aentron’s innovative battery systems, either all-electric or hybrid in combination with hydraulic systems and intelligent control.