E-Building Battery Solutions

Safe power – anytime, anywhere

Solar generators collect solar energy with the help of solar panels, store this energy in a battery and release it again with the help of an inverter as standard alternating current. Solar generators, equipped with the safe and robust battery modules from aentron, guarantee grid independence and complete energy self-sufficiency.

aentron Li-Ion battery system

aentron delivers scalable lithium-ion battery packs for energy storage solutions and system integrators from 4 kWh to 1 MWh. Aentron’s power storage systems are modular and can be tailored precisely to the needs of our customers. The standard systems are designed for voltages of 24 Vdc and 48 Vdc DC. Higher voltages up to 900 V are possible on request and can be realized individually from a single source. The aentron battery systems are therefore not only used in private homes, but can also guarantee a secure power supply in industrial buildings, hospitals, hotels or public facilities due to their performance.


Energy storage for buildings enables a more balanced consumption of renewable energies and provides an emergency power supply for emergencies and power outages. In the area of off-grid solar power (OFF-Grid) and mobile applications, renewable energy sources are often a vital solution for islands, off-grid communities and remote industrial areas.

Efficiency & Emission

Photovoltaics are becoming increasingly important, especially in view of the dwindling resources in the field of fossil fuels. In contrast to conventional power plants, such as a coal-fired power plant, solar power plants do not emit climate-effective CO² and thus work 100% climate-neutral.