aentron develops and manufactures portable as well as OFF-grid lithium-ion energy storage products for industrial and private applications.
Unique Recycling Concept:
aentron end-of-life batteries can be refurbished and put back into service.
10 advantages of aentron batteries at a glance

  • Developed and Manufactured in Germany
  • Extreme Environments Ready: -40 to +80 °C
  • Modular and Scalable Configurations: 12 V to 600 V DC
  • Watertight – Housing and Interfaces: IP67
  • 360° Mechanical Integration
  • Plug & Play – Power at the Flick of a Switch
  • Safety – Integrated Battery Management System
  • High Power and Long-Life Lithium-ion Technology
  • 80 % of the Components Reusable at End of Life
  • Compliant: UN38.3, CE, IEC61508, RoHS


  • aentron is lithium-ion energy storage supplier of the Kräutler Elektromaschinen GmbH. In addition to complete electric drive units for electric boats and electric auxiliary drives for sailboats, Kräutler Elektromaschinen GmbH – based in the Austrian town of Lustenau – also manufactures custom-made three-phase asynchronous motors......

  • aentron is setting new standards in terms of active lithium-ion fire safety. Through cooperative development with NEXCERIS; aentron integrates the new Li-ion Tamer® off-gas monitors, with the new aentron developed lithium-ion active fire suppression system, which can be implemented directly into the battery modules. Especially......

  • from Raisting am Ammersee has been successfully working in the field of electric mobility on the water for several years. has made a name for itself through the development, the specific design and the unconventional usage concepts of its e-boats. Like aentron